The engineers pursued inspection Queensgate shopping center and otherwise not be reduced to the structure where the assessment carried out on capacity. This evaluation takes place, and the update will be offered more in this regard in the very near future.

Of the current tenants will be contacted individually to arrange access to areas of the Centre so that the government so that they can determine the steps necessary to allow them to resume negotiations. Address of the center will work with them to evaluate the necessary repair work, and engineers will be available to give advice as needed. Once the retailer can assess the situation with greater precision at the opening of the center will be paid back in the calendar.

The restoration work will also be part of the central superficial damage sustained as a result of the earthquake and subsequent replicas, and it will evolve as the center reopened.

Stride priority was, and remains, the conclusion of a thorough and comprehensive inspection by a structural engineer, Beca. Queensgate is the largest enclosed shopping center in the South of the North Island, with more than 180 rental and scale of the test is significant.