Entrepreneurs’ community gains access to a new global trading platform with the EQPAY coin.

LAKE MARY, FL, July 03, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — EquityPay (EQPAY), a leading community of entrepreneurs committed to transforming the financial landscape and promoting economic empowerment, is excited to announce its listing on AZBIT.com Cryptocurrency Exchange. This expansion marks another significant milestone for EQPAY following its recent successful P2B Cryptocurrency Exchange listing. The EQPAY coin will be available for trading on AZBIT.com starting on Monday, July 3. The EquityPay community eagerly anticipates the potential success and increased exposure this new listing will bring.

“The listing of EquityPay on AZBIT.com Cryptocurrency Exchange is a remarkable achievement,” stated Mark Shaner, a spokesperson for the EquityPay community. “We are delighted to partner with AZBIT.com and provide our community with additional avenues to broaden their reach and capitalize on the benefits of the digital economy. This listing reinforces our commitment to fostering growth and inclusivity within our community.”

EquityPay aims to bridge existing disparities and barriers in accessing financial services, ensuring equal opportunities and integrity for entrepreneurs worldwide. The project is driven by the vision of creating a self-growing community governed by the principles of divine and natural laws, emphasizing honesty, integrity, and fair treatment for all members.

EquityPay is developing an innovative e-commerce platform that mirrors the functionalities of renowned platforms like Amazon as part of its mission. This platform will empower community members to engage in peer-to-peer buying and selling of goods. In addition, EquityPay will establish a service marketplace similar to Fiverr and an educational platform inspired by Udemy, both exclusively available for community members. The EQPAY coin will serve as the primary payment method within these platforms, further enhancing its utility and demand.

To foster community growth, EquityPay has partnered with Dragonfly App Development LLC to introduce the Dragonfly Reward Program. This referral reward program incentivizes community expansion by allocating 7,000,000 pre-minted EQPAY coins. As part of the program, Dragonfly App will develop various applications to enhance brand awareness, including the secure ‘DragonFly Wallet’ for storing EQPAY coins.

Excitingly, EQPAY coins can be earned through referral rewards by inviting others to utilize the Free Wallet. The referral reward program extends over three years and features robust analytics, leaderboards, and comprehensive reporting within the app. All rewards are automatically credited to the participants’ “Dragonfly Wallet.”

The EQPAY coin’s journey began with mining operations in September 2021, followed by extensive testing by miners worldwide. These efforts have resulted in bug fixes and enhanced stability, further solidifying the coin’s reliability. EquityPay’s Eco network is designed to leverage the computing power of low-power personal computers, ensuring affordable options for mining and staking activities, thus promoting widespread participation and accessibility.

AZBIT.com Cryptocurrency Exchange, a centralized exchange headquartered in Seychelles and established in 2019, is a new-generation platform that offers a wide range of on-demand services. These include spot exchange, margin trading, and crypto-backed loans, all supported by round-the-clock customer support. AZBIT.com positions itself as a blockchain-based banking platform, building a crucial bridge between the traditional finance industry and the realm of cryptocurrencies.

The listing of EQPAY on AZBIT.com provides EquityPay with increased exposure and liquidity, as well as access to AZBIT.com’s user-friendly interface and advanced trading functionalities. This strategic collaboration aligns with EquityPay’s commitment to providing exceptional opportunities and support to its community.

For more information about EquityPay and its innovative initiatives, please visit the official website at https://equitypay.org.

About EquityPay

EquityPay is dedicated to creating a self-growing community of entrepreneurs who embody the highest ethical standards and operate under the principles of divine or natural laws. The community thrives on self-regulation and community-made by-laws built upon the foundations of honesty, integrity, and fair treatment for all its members.

Contact Information:
Mark Shaner, Community Spokesperson
Contact: https://equitypay.org/press-contact
Website: https://equitypay.org/
Whitepaper: https://equitypay.org/whitepaper
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