Basketball, it is a game of sand, strength, tenacity, and pure determination. It is not a sport for girls; it is a game for the queen.

With about one million players Netty across the country, it is surprising that Netball is the most popular sport of women in Australia.

And he built a wild, strong woman, capable who do not want to clutter.

Here are ten reasons why netballers excel in life:

1. They are as hard as nails
Every amateur knows Netty netball irony is “contactless sport.” it is our paradise and is a war zone. Asphalt arm scratch, mark strap nails nail evasive before the game. Broken knees, ankles, broken wrists bound, finger sprains, torn tendons, ligaments, and elbow stretched across his face.
Everything is possible. We absorb, we recovered, we played.

2. Know how to make quick decisions
Decisions made within three seconds, several times. The whole of this game. You have three seconds to digitize, observe, calculate, and report pass. Three two one. Abstention.

3. How to know
Is there a better feeling than perfect interception? Before the next play with a glare aside and look to see the joy on the faces of his teammates (and see the surprise on his opponent) when you jump out of nowhere, he grabbed the ball and sent it back to the end Directly from the court.
Netballers always see and know the next step without you knowing it.

4. They Never, Never, Never Derran
Especially when you fight computing “dangerous,” hits you in the second round in the final. Netty lovers know that you can always beat a team in the second inning.

5. Support them
“Here, if you need” – matchmaking netball call universal. The hand that extends from where to get up when the girl you fall remember bringing cutter Nail, who know how to make (and drag skirt pleated at the top of the buttocks).

6. It may handle the pressure
The pressure release at a crucial time in the game, if a player and played in the pouring rain, in the middle of winter in little skirts. Pressure feel like the coolest girl in the world the first time your girlfriend came to see you play. Netballers know the pressure and thrive on it.

7. Adapt
GK her make her ACL, WD accelerate. You caught to cover GD WD because the defense is the key. While you may be the role of weapons, there will always be days when you need to adapt. Netballers flexible and know that it may be necessary to improve and change at any time. They practice their target shooting, even while defending the goal.

8. Know the limits of their
Her whole world court / s for their third 60 minutes. You do not know step on the line (or move at all when you have the ball). Know where you are and wait, watch, you act, you do not answer all three. And indeed, not be lost in all three legs.

9. When they know the rally
Netballers always know when to take it. Down, in the first round? There is always a third space where everything can change. This has not been completed. A Netballer know when it’s time to bring you a game.

10. Know how to keep your emotions in verification
Every player knows that the referee ignored when she began to cry, and will probably move if you get prank calls that you do not agree. As for the dive and lesion simulating ground with a penalty? We will let people play football.
Fight, win, top, bottom, injuries, playing with his back to the front skirt. Fat or short, medium or shooter, every netballer knows the game and he did not give up for the world netball.
Do you know netballer stand out in life?