K Group Companies merger helps fill industry gap

GRAND RAPIDS, MI, February 14, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — K Group Companies, A Leading Technology Solutions Provider, serving the Michigan area since 1980, will launch a merger with their companies. K Group Companies consists of four teams all serving different technology needs, Standard Computer Systems, Riverview Service, K Data Systems, and Data Consultants. The unification of their brands will bring better alignment with its teams in the previous individual divisions, as well as making its services more accessible to customers that traditionally work with one or more of the teams.
K Group Companies | IT Solutions | Grand Rapids, MI

“Our founder knew and taught us about the power of unity and the importance of being givers, embracing change, and focusing on things that are transformational,” stated Mike Kuncaitis Jr., Chief Executive Officer of K Group Companies. “At all levels, we are pursuing alignment with these ideas, and it is transforming our brand, our commitment to provide a more excellent experience to our clients, and an unparalleled company culture.”

This merger better reflects K Group Companies’ current position as a leader throughout North America in the Technology Solutions Industry, providing Managed Services (MSP), Managed Security, Managed Physical Security, and Enterprise-level Compliance Consulting.

The previous divisions of K Group Companies will now be called members, and they will have a new unified brand identity reflected on all their digital and print media platforms. With each K Group member offering different services under one umbrella, many clients will see the advantages. Different benefits include the ease of sharing resources, encountering less barriers for collaboration, providing a better environment to solve the ever-evolving technology pains organizations face, and adding the freedom to offer solutions from one unified company they already know and trust. The goal of this rebrand is to leverage the power of unification for K Group Companies’ employees and clients.

“This exciting new brand launch has been in the works for many years and is the culmination of feedback from our long-time partners, clients, vendors, and team members. It’s exciting to see the synergy already in removing barriers for existing and new customers, to reach across the various solution teams to solve the growing challenges faced by businesses and organizations today,” said Chris Kuncaitis, Chief Operating Officer at K Group Companies. “Our 43-year history of serving all sectors, from the SMB to large global enterprises, uniquely positions us to help with those challenges moving into the future.”

This merger will help current and future clients who are seeking a full-service technology solutions company. Within their teams they offer services ranging from managing network security through their Managed IT Services to installing security cameras and other physical security solutions. By offering both managed technology services and physical security solutions, K Group Companies will help fill an industry gap many customers are searching for.

“We are excited about this step in bringing more alignment to where we are today and the future. This will bring more efficiency and allow us to better serve our customers. The merger will help us tie together the different security options we offer. Within our teams we’re able to offer both physical and cyber security,” said Ben Kuncaitis, Chief Sales Officer of K Group Companies. “By doing so, we help to fill an industry gap many consumers are searching for. Offering these different types of security solutions helps us become a one-stop solution for all technological needs.”

About K Group Companies

K Group Companies began over 43 years ago as a family company and is still family owned and operated – spanning three generations. Throughout the years this company has expanded its services ranging from managing cyber security to installing essential card access control. K Group Companies merger is effective immediately. Their new logo is featured at the top of the release and across all digital platforms.

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