Beyond Key has launched the Grants Accelerator CRM Software, marking a pivotal moment in the realm of philanthropy. This innovative platform promises to redefine the impact of charitable initiatives by streamlining the grant management process.

CHICAGO, IL, November 25, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Beyond Key is a Chicago-based Microsoft Solutions Provider is offering a comprehensive Grants Management Solution called Right Cause Grants Accelerator. Having built on cutting-edge Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, the Right Cause Grants Accelerator is set to transform the landscape of grant application and review processes, bringing unprecedented efficiency and collaboration to foundations.

The Grants Accelerator introduces a range of features that promise to streamline operations and enhance decision-making. One standout feature is the Viewing Relationship History, allowing users to delve into the comprehensive history of their relationships with prospective grantees. From communication records to previous application outcomes, this functionality provides invaluable insights.

In response to the complex nature of grant requirements, the software incorporates a robust Requirements Checklist. Foundations can now effortlessly define and track the necessary information and documents through an intuitive checklist interface, ensuring a more structured and comprehensive approach to the application process.

Recognizing the need for flexibility and thoroughness, the Reopening Submitted Applications feature enables users to reopen applications post-submission. This allows for the collection of additional information, fostering a more collaborative and informed decision-making process.

Empowering reviewers further, the Printing Grant Summaries feature enables easy printing of grant summaries and full information in PDF format. Moreover, the system supports seamless viewing of audio and video attachments, providing a comprehensive overview of each application within the platform.

To enhance the reviewer experience, Right Cause CRM Solution introduces the Reviewer’s Portal – a simplified interface designed to facilitate efficient and accessible grant application assessment. This user-friendly portal ensures that reviewers can navigate the system effortlessly.

The Viewing Files capability enables reviewers to easily access and view selected documents associated with each request. Audio and video files are playable within the browser, while documents are conveniently converted into a single PDF for comprehensive reviewing.

Right Cause Grants Accelerator takes a giant leap forward with Grant Review Workflows. Users can define automatic steps and rules in the grants review process, configuring workflows without vendor assistance. This feature allows for customization based on various factors such as request amount, streamlining the review process further.

Facilitating collaboration, the software offers Multiple Reviewer Support. Each reviewer can independently rate applications on various factors, with comments visible to foundation staff in real-time. The flexibility of Scoring Flexibility ensures support for different information or scoring schemes for different programs.

The software embraces the digital era with Online Application Review. It supports online viewing and reviewing of applications, eliminating geographical barriers and facilitating a more efficient review process.

Recognizing the importance of external perspectives, the system introduces External Reviewer Profiles. Users can track external reviewers’ interests and potential conflicts of interest, ensuring transparency and accountability in the review process. The creation and saving of review panels further streamline the assignment of requests.

Comment Sharing Among Reviewers is a configurable feature that allows organizations to decide whether reviewers can see each other’s comments and grades. This choice fosters collaboration and ensures a well-informed decision-making process.

Beyond Key COO, Ashish Sankhala states “Right Cause Grants Accelerator marks a significant step forward in grant management, providing foundations with a powerful, intuitive, and transparent platform. The software’s robust features promise to revolutionize the way foundations manage their grant processes, fostering collaboration and informed decision-making throughout the entire grant application and review lifecycle.”

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About Right Cause:
Right Cause Grants Accelerator is a Nonprofit CRM Solution committed to empowering organizations with innovative tools and technologies to make a positive impact in the world. With a dedication to transparency and efficiency, Right Cause continues to redefine the way foundations manage their grant processes.

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