150 men suffering from premature ejaculation participated in an extensive 12 week randomized, single-blind, placebo-controlled trial evaluating the effectiveness of Steady Freddy Delay Spray.

LAS VEGAS, NV, April 18, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Steady Freddy – an innovator in safe and effective sexual health solutions – today announced the publication of a study in the peer-reviewed American Journal of Men’s Health. The study demonstrates the clinical effectiveness of Steady Freddy Delay Spray on premature ejaculation with impressive results of significant improvement in sexual satisfaction.

Over 12 weeks, 150 participants in the clinical trial received either a placebo or Steady Freddy Delay Spray. The results were hard to ignore. After only 4 weeks:
– Spray users were 3X more likely to be satisfied with their ability to control their ejaculation;
– 89% of spray users were more or very satisfied with their sex life; and
– Spray usage reduced frustration and anxiety; 58% of users reported feeling content while 79% of placebo users reported feeling frustrated and anxious.

Overall, Steady Freddy Delay Spray helped men last longer, boost confidence levels, and drive confidence in their ability to perform in the bedroom.

“We know that Steady Freddy is an effective solution for delaying ejaculation and the results of this study reflect this,” said Dr. David Reiner, Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Steady Freddy. “What was pleasantly surprising is the profound increase in confidence and satisfaction levels experienced by users of the spray. Premature ejaculation can significantly impact a man’s sexual and emotional well-being and our ability to help change that is a tremendous success.”

Premature ejaculation (PE) is considered the most common sexual dysfunction among men by the International Society for Sexual Medicine – affecting at least 30% of men at some point in their lives.

Steady Freddy Delay Spray’s proprietary formula uses lidocaine, a desensitizing anesthetic agent to reduce penis sensitivity in specific areas while maintaining the pleasurable sensation of intercourse.

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