The Fine Water Society, an organization dedicated to award the best mineral waters in the world, held its annual summit in Athens, Greece, during the last days of April.

ATHENS, GREECE, May 03, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — More than one hundred water brands from all over the world were invited to participate in the event, and among the most pleasant surprises was certainly NYNE mineral water from Paraguay.

The panel, comprised of six renowned judges from five different countries, rated the Paraguayan entry among the best waters in the world. German water sommelier Pat Eckert even gave NYNE mineral water the highest possible score of a perfect 100. Dr. Michael Mascha, founder and President of The Fine Water Society, granted 99 points, only one point short of a perfect score, and even the highly critical US water expert Martin Riese rated the water from Paraguay with 97 points, among the highest scores he gave during the event.

NYNE Premium Water is a rather new brand from South America, even though the company is around for many decades. The source was discovered by coincidence when a farmer drilled for a well in order to have drinking water available on his fields. Unknowingly he had drilled right on top of a crack in the underlying rock formation, which allowed access to an artesian water source, normally shielded by a thick basaltic rock formation of volcanic origins. After a while, the farmer noticed his skin to get unusually soft and silky after washing his face and upper body with this water after work. He had the water tested eventually and found out that it contained a rather unique composition of minerals. NYNE is rich in silica and has a naturally high pH of 9.6, a highly sought-after property nowadays. The farmer formed a small water company in order to sell his unique water within city limits. After passing away, the company was sold to German investor Carsten Pfau who immediately understood the great potential and value of this unique water source, and who is now turning it into an international brand.

Nyne comes from underground freshwater reservoirs in Paraguay, from the fracture of basaltic rocks of volcanic origin, and is bottled in a totally natural way until it reaches the final consumer.

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