Women in Business Collaborations: Suzy Woo announced earlier this month the good fortune to welcome back Linda Ellson, of Feng Shui Your World, for her annual Feng Shui changes class for the Year of the Water Rabbit at Holiday Valley March 18th.

ELLICOTTVILLE, NY, March 12, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Women in Business Collaborations in Ellicottville continue.

Well-known and well-loved businesswoman, realtor and certified Feng Shui pracitioner, Linda Ellson, is presenting her annual class on Feng Shui changes; this year is to support the Chinese New Year of the Water Rabbit.

According to Ellson’s website, Feng Shui Your World (https://fengshuiyourworld.biz), “Feng Shui (pronounced foong –shway) literally translates to wind and water. Most simply, it is the ancient art and science of placement, which links people to their surroundings to promote success in life, health, love, wealth, and happiness through the awareness of the flow of chi (universal life-force energy).”

Ellson is the go-to guru when it comes to Feng Shui. She has been feated on, and has been a weekly regular on television, including WKBW’s AM Buffalo, and has been featured in a multitude of media, magazines and newspapers internationally.

Suzy Woo, holistic practitioner and owner of Good for the Spirit Gifts in Ellicottville, had “admired Linda’s work for years, come to find out we had been fans of one another.”

When Woo relocated her businesses from Orchard Park to Ellicottville, she invited Ellson to bring her presentation to the area to introduce her talents and services to Ellicottville, and requested to carry her Feng Shui items at her shop. Both wishes were granted, the event was very well attended at Holiday Valley in 2022 and the Feng Shui items are in Woo’s shop for sale.

Entitled, “Spring Forward in the Year of the Rabbit: Feng Shui Energy Changes Class,” the event is taking place Saturday March 18th from 12-2pm at Holiday Valley’s Tamarack meeting room, 6447 Holiday Valley Road, Ellicottville.

Tickets are available at www.suzy-woo.com and www.goodforthespiritgifts.com. The class description according to the websites is as follows:

“Learn about Health, Wealth and Romance in the Year of the Water Rabbit and how the Feng Shui energy changes affect you and your home/office. Discover how to make the appropriate Feng Shui enhancements for the new season to carry you through and support you and your space for the best rest of 2023!


You will learn what sectors the best spots are to spend time in and what are the best spots of your home this year to activate wealth, relationship, education and romance luck. Including the best areas to do any kind of reno, DIY projects or gardening.

You will know what areas of your house to keep quieter or to avoid renovation work to protect health, wealth and keep the peace.

You will be able to “go shopping” in your own home to repurpose home décor with intentional placement.

You will know how to work with symbolic Feng Shui for some potent placement to activate protect and enhance your environment and your life.”

Ellson will be available post-presentation with Feng Shui enhancement items available for purchase. All attendees will receive a folder with valuable handouts to refer to.

Tickets are $40 thru 11:59pm March 11th; and $48 from the 12th through the day of the event.

Walk-ins will be permitted; but to best help event management ensure proper number of folders to prepare and bring, ticketing in advance is strongly recommended.

About Linda Ellson:
Founder and owner of Feng Shui Your World, Linda Ellson is a certified Feng Shui practitioner, a graduate of the American School of Classical Feng Shui and member of the International Feng Shui Guild.

From individual consultations to educational seminars, and assistance with buying and selling homes, Linda’s mission remains the same: To help you experience the empowering benefits of Feng Shui in your life. For more on Linda Ellson please visit fengshuiyourworld.biz

About Suzy Woo:
Suzy Woo is a spiritual healer, astrologer, psychic medium and business/life coach in Ellicottville, New York (11 Martha St); and owns Good for the Spirit Gifts, a spiritual wellness retail business, adjacent to her practice. For more on Suzy Woo, please visit www.Suzy-Woo.com or for the retail business, www.GoodfortheSpiritGifts.com

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