Collaboration aims to integrate EQPAY Coin with Ivendpay’s Point of Sale devices and Crypto vending machines.

LAKE MARY, FL, December 18, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — EquityPay, a visionary force in fostering self-governance within entrepreneurial communities, announces a pivotal step towards expanding its ecosystem. In ongoing discussions with Ivendpay, EquityPay is exploring the prospect of integrating its native cryptocurrency, EQPAY, into Ivendpay’s innovative point of sale (POS) devices and crypto vending machines.

“Through strategic partnerships, such as the one we are exploring with Ivendpay, we aim to further empower our community members to transact securely and seamlessly using EQPAY in a growing number of spaces,” – commented a spokesperson from EquityPay.

The EquityPay mission of creating a dynamic community of entrepreneurs governed by principles rooted in divine or natural laws is unique in the world of cryptocurrency. Emphasizing honesty, integrity, and equitable treatment, EquityPay envisions a comprehensive platform mirroring the functionality of industry giants like Amazon, Fiverr, and Udemy. The EQPAY coin continues to be regularly listed on new cryptocurrency exchanges as news of the project spreads.

According to the company, EquityPay’s talks with Ivendpay are a strategic move aimed at expanding its footprint. The collaboration would allow EQPAY to be utilized on Ivendpay’s POS devices, enabling EquityPay entrepreneurs to transact in EQPAY at various retail points effortlessly. EquityPay Entrepreneurs could benefit from the seamless integration of EQPAY with Ivendpay’s POS devices, providing a novel payment solution for customers. Additionally, Ivendpay’s crypto vending machines would feature EQPAY as one of the prominently accepted coins, offering a way for individuals to use the coin in their daily transactions.

Ivendpay stands as a trailblazer in crypto payment systems, with a mission to make instant crypto transactions accessible to everyone. Trusted by over 500 clients across 10+ countries, Ivendpay has facilitated over a million transactions through a network of over 250 POS machines. Benefits of the platform include a 40% increase in new customer sales on average, 2x higher order value on average, and a 55% reduction in transaction fees.

As discussions progress, the potential integration of EQPAY with Ivendpay’s offerings represents a significant leap towards the widespread adoption of EQPAY, fostering new opportunities for entrepreneurs within the EquityPay community. Stay tuned for further updates as this exciting collaboration unfolds.

The journey of EQPAY began with mining operations in September 2021, followed by extensive testing by miners worldwide. These efforts have resulted in bug fixes and enhanced stability, solidifying the coin’s reliability. EquityPay’s Eco network is designed to leverage the computing power of low-power personal computers, ensuring affordable options for mining and staking activities and promoting widespread participation and accessibility.

For more information about EquityPay and its innovative initiatives, please visit the official website at Stay tuned for future updates and developments as EquityPay continues to empower the community and revolutionize the financial landscape.

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