Singapore, Singapore, August 24, 2017 –(– Multiple factors cited by investors as key to driving purchase.

AICoin (, a new style of investment collective that combines the power of artificial intelligence with the wisdom of the crowd, is nearing the successful close of the ICO subscription. The six-week subscription period began in mid-July and will end this coming Monday, August 28th, 2017. The ICO is sponsored by First Global Credit, a premier cryptocurrency capital markets company that has generated a great deal of interest with a more serious class of ICO subscriber that is emerging in this quickly changing marketplace.

The investment collective follows a two tier approach to profit generation; tier one is controlled by artificial intelligence trading models. These models are designed to make short-term cryptocurrency trades. Tier two takes the profits from these trades and makes seed investments in promising young companies in the fields of artificial intelligence and blockchain. These investments can be in the form of traditional equity stakes or in the form of ICO’s. This is perhaps the most unique and exciting component of the ICO.

“We are very encouraged by the level of subscriptions so far,” states First Global Credit CEO Gavin Smith, “we anticipate the AICOIN collective will be in a position to start with trading capital in the region of $2m and is targeting their first start-up company investment at the end of Q4 2017. There will be follow on investments, one per quarter for the foreseeable future.”

“In speaking to our investors to date, there are three factors that have really generated excitement in AICoin and motivated subscribers,” adds Marcie Terman, Chief Operating Officer of First Global Credit.

“Firstly, our investors are very interested in watching the models trade. There is a lot of speculation of how they will handle market corrections or periods of sideward movement. The trading blog, experienced a great deal of traffic during the subscription period as cryptocurrency traders and interested investors monitored the trading results and tested their own trading decisions against those of the A.I.”

Citing a second factor, Ms. Terman elaborates, “Our social channels have been buzzing with discussions about how the models trade, the timescales they trade in and whether or not we’d let them take short positions in the cryptocurrency markets. Subscribers are extremely vocal about which currencies should be traded for the best results as well as how profits should be allocated. For instance, a recurring question is whether all profits should be reinvested or should the token pay a dividend?” This will be one of the first things put to the collective for a vote.

Finally, the third factor and perhaps the most anticipated is the enthusiasm behind the “wisdom of the crowd” aspect of the ICO. Ms. Terman states, “Our token holders are very engaged, and we’ve already had about a dozen submissions for the two investment board seats. These are not insignificant people, many with finance backgrounds or considerable experience in the angel investment and mentoring space. We are also fielding many questions about the mechanics of voting on the blockchain and whether tokens have to be hosted in the FGC wallets to vote. Perhaps the most exciting is the fact that we’ve already started to receive suggestions from our token holders concerning start-ups they know about that are looking for funding.”

For further details of the AICoin ICO you can visit the website at if you have a summary proposal for consideration please send this to [email protected].

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