Toby Evans advances her spiritual and artistic journey with the season finale and upcoming season of Soul-Bridge, alongside visual album, “Call to Wholeness,” and two original songs, each with a captivating backstory.

SIBLEY, MO, October 17, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — In a world that often seems dissonant, Toby Evans, celebrated artist, author, and soul-guide, orchestrates a symphony of transcendental experiences. From the gripping personal accounts in her Soul-Bridge podumentary to the atmospheric rapture of her visual album, “Call to Wholeness”, Toby invites us all to be part of a holistic and harmonic journey.

Following an uncharacteristic lull, profoundly felt across her audience, Toby Evans is ready once again to make her mark on a large scale. She been quietly, but meticulously cultivating a deluge of thought-provoking, new content — and it’s finally ready to premiere!

This new leg of the journey begins with a bang; the long awaited fourth installment of Soul-Bridge with Toby Evans, whose episode is aptly titled, “Soul Crossings” (coming late 2023). This watershed installment whispers tales of connections and spiritual voyages, tying together everything in the episodes that came before it. Toby traces common themes throughout the series, delving deeper than ever into the plight of the Native Americans, African Americans, Asian Americans, relating it to the world of today and explaining why the stakes are so high. This episode is about so much more than exploring different races, however, it is about history, lineage, our souls, and ourselves.

As a musician and songwriter, Toby Evans always prioritizes the use and placement of music in every Soul-Bridge episode and that has never been truer than in this fourth installment. Aside from incorporating a few more gems from her debut album, “Soul Crossings” sees the premiere of two never-before-heard songs by Toby Evans — “Heart Path” and “Rite of Passage”. One song had only a rough demo and the other had nothing at all except a lyric and chord sheet, but with the help of her dedicated Soul-Bridge producers, Toby has managed to bring these songs to life at last. Utilizing top session musicians and thoughtful arrangements, both “Heart Path” and “Rite of Passage” spring to life with a beautiful tapestry of instrumentation and outside vocalists channeling Toby’s own words.

“I never imagined these songs would see the light of day, let alone so many decades later in this unexpected format,” confesses Toby Evans. “Witnessing their reanimation is beyond exciting. The words and structures of these songs are faithful to my originals, but what you are hearing is a group of professional musicians interpreting them — and soon this music will belong to the world.”

Shortly after the release of “Soul Crossings” and the pair of new songs, Toby Evans and her team are ready to unveil even more surprises. First up is “Call to Wholeness: The Visual Album”, which is based on her 1992 album of the same name (“Call to Wholeness”). Remaining true to the original material, this project pairs each of Toby’s 11 original tracks with compelling, ambient visuals. Considering the original album was bundled with Toby’s book, Keeper of the Circles, it’s apt that the visual album continues to chronicle one woman’s personal and spiritual journey — but with a twist.

Toby shares, “The visual album significantly broadens the narrative of my original recordings and the journey documented there. It encourages others to find reflections of their own paths within mine. It’s highly personal, but now also possesses a universal resonance. Also, I would invite anybody feeling overwhelmed or in need of relief to throw on ‘Call to Wholeness: The Visual Album’ and see if it balances things out a little bit. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.”

The fourth and final announcement in this veritable treasure trove of new content is the long-awaited season two of the Soul-Bridge podumentary, coming in 2024. With the stage sufficiently set after her first four epic installments, Toby is ready to sail into the unknown with the new batch of episodes, weaving stories and melodies, promising an intimate connection with audiences and a richer exploration into the realms of soulful narratives and audiovisual landscapes. While Toby and her team have remained tight-lipped about exactly what’s in store, there have been rumors that our host will be venturing into much more literal territory this time around. With the show’s foundation firmly established, Toby can now address the current events of the day. Although this remains to be seen, it’s hard to imagine any audience that wouldn’t delight in the notion of Toby Evans using her natural talents and gifts to cut through these increasingly chaotic times.

“I can confirm that season two is in the works,” states Toby Evans. “But as far as subject matter goes, that remains under wraps for now. I can say this: if you liked the first season, you’re going to love the second one!”

Toby Evans continues to carve out a unique space where spirituality and artistry converge. The upcoming slate of offerings features something for everyone, even the most skeptical of observers.

Toby concludes: “I’m so excited to share this body of new work, and I hope it takes us deeper into our collective and individual spiritual journeys. ‘Call to Wholeness’, the two new songs, and the upcoming Soul-Bridge episodes are all crafted with the intent to spread the word. There’s so much more to come and I’m thrilled to have you all join me on this adventure, where every step and story unveils something new.”

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