As a former teacher of special needs children, Sharpe has direct experience regarding the effect bullying has on children. Her award-winning, bestselling books help readers find hope, inspiration and gratitude.

WILMINGTON, NC, November 12, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Children learn by watching adults. They are watching us now. What are they seeing?

War. Political division. Bullying. Mass shootings. A society being torn apart by intolerance and the rejection of diversity.

As adults, we should contemplate the toll these take on our children’s capacity to foster empathy, communication, and cooperation. Bestselling author Jody Sharpe believes we should instead instill in our youth the core human values of love, understanding, and respect. In doing so, we not only foster a climate of harmony and unity, but also pave the way for a world that welcomes diversity, allowing individuals from varied backgrounds to peacefully coexist, collaborate, and flourish. She addressed this recently in an article posted on her website at In that post she said, in part:

In this time of war raging in parts of the world, it’s hard for me to write about angels but I know I must. I must because man’s inhumanity to man is affecting our treasures, our children. I pray that God and the angels help our earth’s population to eliminate the hate and find peace.

In my own little corner of the world all I can do is write, pray, hope and yearn for peace. Our earth’s children need us to stop and think about them, if only for them and not the prejudice and hate that is trying to ruin our precious blue planet.

Don’t people see what it is doing to the children? The PTSD, the fear, the beginnings of hate are evident everywhere. We see it in other parts of the world but also at home in our politics, in our school yards and streets. Love always wins and it’s the only way to win. Forgiveness, working together to create a better world, is totally possible. All goodness is possible I know this in my heart. We must never let the bully and hate win.

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Sharpe’s message resonates with readers, offering a beacon of hope. She passionately champions the transformative influence of uplifting literature, which can provide a ray of optimism in the face of depression and anxiety. Her anti-bullying message illuminates a path towards healing and resilience. Readers will discover in her books a profound shift in perspective that will carry over into their daily lives. They serve as an invitation to view the world through a different lens, one that empowers us to find the strength within to see the good in all people.

Her most recent work, 20 Moon Road, An Angel’s Tale, features a character from her Mystic Bay series, Madam Norma. Madam Norma is based on a woman who influenced Sharpe’s life in a number of unforgettable ways.

Diane Donovan at Midwest Book Review stated, “Do angels come to children with special needs? In Mystic Bay, they do. As the truth emerges about the town’s makeup, history, and mission, readers become immersed in a spiritual story of angels and beliefs that drive positive changes and kindness in the world and spread beyond the small town of angels.

“Sharpe’s Mystic Bay series embodies hope, belief, the power of conviction and angel influences, and the acts of kindness that lead humanity on a better, gentler path. 20 Moon Road’s revelations of relationships with Madame Norma that changed lives and transformed beliefs through documented angel sightings by special needs children makes for a warm tale of revelation and discovery that explores guardian angels, lasting legacies, and blessings.

“Libraries and readers looking for blends of fantasy and spiritual examination will welcome the Mystic Bay series as a whole and this latest addition in particular, which expands the nature, purposes, and insights of Mystic Bay upon the larger world outside its borders.”

Mark Walker of Midwest Book Review said, “The last paragraph reflects the unique vision and mysticism, which exudes throughout this book:

As we fly away from the beach on a mission to help someone in need, I know what God and all angels know and what Madam Norma always shared. Only love can mend our hearts and our Earth. Only love can set us free. Madam Norma’s life was simply made of pure love, for as she told me once, ‘Kindness is the first ingredient of love.’

“I look forward to someday seeing the Mystic Bay Series on the Hallmark TV channel!”

Books by Jody Sharpe include:

To Catch an Angel – Jody is also the author of ‘To Catch an Angel’, written in memory of her late husband Steve. In ‘To Catch an Angel’, miracles happen in Mystic Bay, California, the town with the psychic and angel vibe. Angels are calling. Psychic Maggie Malone returns home to find she’s swept up in the miracle of it all. She can’t imagine why her mother left or who her father might be. But these questions pale in comparison to the wonder of the angels. Maggie meets writer, Noah Greenstreet. They realize they’ve met before, but where? Maggie and Noah embark on a journey to find our world is all awash with angels.

The Angel’s Daughter – A secret lies in Mystic Bay, California, and only two people know it. First, there’s Hannah, a tender curly-headed half-angel. Then there’s her father, Gabe, an effervescent, teddy bear of a full-blooded angel. And it’s up to Hannah to keep the secret safe, but she’s made a colossal mistake telling her ex-boyfriend and writing professor, Sam Blakely. Now he’s written a book exposing the secret to the world.

Town Of Angels – Angel vs. Bully in the town of Mystic Bay, California, where a well-kept secret lies. Angels live as humans there. After angels appeared to three children, all was blissful in the town full of psychics, and ordinary folk. But as brute, Klaus Waxman, comes to town, angel Ken Leighton, a storeowner, must carefully guide his flock of humans not to give in to the bully’s efforts.As Klaus opens a store mocking the resident angel sightings, angel Ken guides psychic Justine Greer, and her family to thwart his efforts. And with the help of the indomitable oldest psychic in town, Madam Norma, the bully meets his match through the soft voices and intuitive minds of his neighbors.

Special Needs Children, The Angels On My Shoulder is a memoir based on her twenty-five years teaching children with special needs. The book placed second in the National Federation Of Press Women’s At-Large Communication contest. The book is as entertaining as it is illuminating. It’s a love story about the special students and others who over the years graced her life with just that, their grace.

With hearts of angels and challenges to face, the children took Sharpe along their journeys and inspired her own life’s journey of self-discovery. When sorrow came, their kindness helped her through. The synchronicity of events from high school to retirement changed her life for the better, turning her face toward heaven.

Midwest Book Review stated, “Sharpe’s ability to see the good in circumstances and people identifies the ‘special’ in ‘special needs’ as she delineates her journey through the education system and those teaching and social encounters which changed her perspective and life.”

“Teachers (especially those working with special needs kids) will find this spiritual and social reflection easily accessible. It’s presented in vignettes which offer small, digestible bites of insight into a world where angels and kindness are present in more than one form.”

Special Needs Children followed her recently released children’s book about angels, When The Angel Sent Butterflies. The new book helps children understand that love from their parents and others surrounds them. Love conquers fear, and believing that angels are near can help sweep any childhood fear away. This concept is presented in the book when Angel Ken sends Jones and Kate butterflies. The book, appropriate for ages 2 to 7, is now available at Amazon and Ingram.

Her latest book, Summer Of Angels, is a mystery novel. Meteorologist and psychic, Gayle Force proves a force to be reckoned with as she moves back to her beloved Mystic Bay, California. While sleeping, an angel sent her a vision in a dream of a future event. Gayle realizes she must use her intuition to save an old man from drowning. But who is this old man?

With the help of intuitive attorney, Alex Knight, she finds they are caught in the middle of a future crime. But can Gayle and Alex solve the case and save the old man before it’s too late? With surprising twists and turns of intrigue and love, Gayle and Alex find there are angels at the helm as they help prove the bully never wins.

In addition, on the “Tuesdays With The Angels” section of her site, Sharpe presents stories of real-life encounters with angels. The stories are available at Sharpe’s website at

Sharpe hopes to create a collection of angel stories that involve sightings of angels, interaction with angels, miraculous angel encounters, and other types of accounts or stories. Everyone is welcome to submit angel stories. All submissions will be considered, but inclusion is not guaranteed. Stories may be submitted at

Sharpe’s YouTube channel brings all of this together, offering segments on all of these topics. One topic of special interest is bullying, specifically as it relates to special needs children.

In addition to the National Federation of Press Women’s award, Jody was chosen as a winner in the annual “50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading” Book Awards. She was chosen from a field of hundreds of authors through a public voting process.

Jody also announced recently that two new screen treatments of her books are now available: The Angel’s Daughter and Town Of Angels Christmas.

Jody Sharpe is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at [email protected]. Angel stories can be submitted at All of her books are available at online book retailers. New quotes will be added every Tuesday to the “Tuesdays With The Angels” section of her blog, which can be found at her website at


Jody Sharpe had a rewarding career as a Special Education teacher. Writing about angels became healing after losing her daughter and then her husband. The valuable lessons she learned about moving forward and loving life in the now have set her on a mission to tell the stories with love, humor and spiritual awakening. The fictitious town of Mystic Bay has given her an avenue to put characters and themes together hopefully enlightening the reader towards contemplation of the precious life and memories we are given.

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