It is now possible to help the environment even after you die. Scientists, from Dera Sacha Sauda, social organization, have discovered a method by which, the bone ashes of a person, can be used to plant trees, and these bone ashes being rich in minerals and phosphates, speed up the growth of trees and help them flourish, this helping the environment. These bone ashes on the other hand, if flushed away, in rivers and other fresh water bodies, harm the environment, adding to pollution. And the scale, at which these are flushed, turns hazardous to the environment. Considering all these factors, Baba Ram Rahim, chief of Dera Sacha Sauda, had asked the scientists to figure out a solution.

This solution was put forth by scientists after months of research and is proving to be a boon for all. First of all the soul of the person, whose bony remnants are used for planting trees, will get blessings as it still continues to purify the environment through trees, and his family and friends feel good, knowing that their family member is around, in the form of trees and the society is anyways in win win situation, by reducing pollution on one hand, and purifying air on the other.

This initiative is in practice at Dera Sacha Sauda, and hundreds of trees are planted in their Ashram, by digging in land and putting this pot of bony remnants underneath soil and planting trees over them. Baba Ram Rahim’s 133 initiatives that his followers are knee deep into are a savior for many. Social Media, keeps boasting of many of these initiatives, in the form of trends, through these followers. But this one is an absolute winner for all and we hope this one catches up with all. After all, each one of us, is going to die, so we better check this out, to stock up some blessings for ourselves.