Global managing partner Tech Innovation Global Incorporated, “2021 Corporate Excellence Awards” UK, Europe, India, Africa, and Global

NEW DELHI, INDIA, January 02, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Tech Innovation Global Incorporated is a recipient of “2021 Corporate Excellence Awards” and is also a global managing partner collaborating with UK, Europe, India, Australia, Africa and global. It’s global investors-backed app company will launch in 2022. Tech Innovation Global Incorporated’s 1st app launch is in association with VewNow and powered by Designistic, co-powered by the web in collaboration with Global Foundation and Chambers. Several companies are a philanthropic partner along with the Global Foundation and also receive support from global organizations and Chambers.

Tech Innovation Global Inc.’s plan to launch services app is backed by organizations and chambers in UK, and where she is a global managing partner collaborating with Africa, Australia, Europe, India and global investors invest at

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WOSB Global partner Alicia Carroll is an entrepreneur who invested $1.5 Million opened a woman-owned business during the pandemic with the SBA and the U.S. Chambers of Commerce is a recipient of the “2021 Corporate Excellence Awards” as the directory & winner’s supplement published December 23, 2021 leading up to Fund Series A is open

The leading lady has been honored with several awards in engineering management and business since 2010 and 2002 for more than 20 years before serving as a global managing partner, Legal Benefits for Success, SEL & Associates Steven Levy, Global Foundations and Chambers to view “2021 Corporate Excellence Awards” go to

About Tech Innovation Global Incorporated
Tech Innovation Global Inc.’s WOSB Alicia Carroll is an award-winning technologist of 20 years with consultants located in Huntsville, Alabama. In July 2019, Tech Innovation Global Inc. launched for initiatives for small and large corporations in collaboration with Global Foundations, SEL & Associates Steven Levy, former professor W. Culver brings economic development to rural areas in 2022 across the globe including India, Tech Innovation Global Inc. announced a Fund Series A for $200 Million for skill development, creating new profiles for job creation, innovation and subscriptions to Tech Innovation Global Inc.’s app services in 2022 for download includes health (COVID) recommendations/requirements, fitness and more. Tech Innovation Global Inc.’s Fund Series A is backed by a Global Foundation to venture capitalists in countries. To participate you can pay and/or invest at in initiatives, products to analysis. Learn more about Tech Innovation Global Inc. at USFCR and follow Tech Innovation Global Inc. at directories.

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