ArmorVPN makes it incredibly easy to keep your online presence safe, secure and private.

STILLWATER, OK, August 21, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — Today AmorVPN launches on crowd-funding site Kickstarter. At $50 for the super early bird special, Armor VPN is a truly affordable way to protect yourself online; compact, intuitive, and seamlessly designed.

ArmorVPN is the affordable, easy to use VPN that lets anyone ensure they are safe from prying eyes online. Whether running a business, educating, or just having fun, ArmorVPN maintains your right to privacy when you go online, from any device in your home or office. Just plug it into your router or modem, use the intuitive touch screen to get online, and you are protected.

Bryan Childers, creator of ArmorVPN, explains: “People have a right to go online and not be spied on. Internet providers have begun hiding the fact that they ‘reserve the right to monitor your internet activities’ in the fine print, and forcing you to pay hard earned money to opt out. Then they use the information they gather to sell targeted advertising to you. While it may not be an invasion of privacy, it’s still sickening. ArmorVPN brings an existing technology to the consumer level, and makes it incredibly easy to use, even for someone who has little or no technical knowledge. If you can plug in a cord, you can use this device.”

The ease of use is a pivotal part of ArmorVPN. Almost anyone can sign up for a VPN service, however most require some level of technical knowledge, and only work on one or two devices. Because ArmorVPN has a touch screen, it provides constant feedback on what is happening, and does away with relying on an app to control settings. This is important as well: when you make a change, it won’t accidentally disconnect you and force you to start back at square one.

Little things like the indicator light also help streamline ArmorVPN, so at a glance, you can see if things are working or if attention is needed. There’s even NFC, so you can tap your device to ArmorVPN and connect, instead of typing in a password on your phone or tablet.

The most impressive feature, though, is the fact that ArmorVPN is not limited to just your home, work or school internet connection. Yes, it can be plugged directly into your modem or router, but you can use it at the coffee shop, the airport, or anywhere that offers free Wi-Fi, with just a few taps of your finger.

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ArmorVPN aims to make it as easy to use a VPN as possible, bringing the service and security to the consumer level, so that someone from any tech comfort level, even those with no comfort level, can protect themselves while online.

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