Someone recently asked me why I voted for Trump. Well, here it is. I was born in 1953 in Casablanca, Morocco. My heritage is French Moroccan Jew. At that time Morocco was a French colony and there was a civil war, at which time my parents decided to move to America. They came over on a plane with four kids and $1500. I was just four years old then and I only spoke French, so I found it a little difficult integrating into this new culture. But in time, I learned to speak English and I started to integrate with kids my age and learn the ways of America. My parents also had to learn to speak English while they studied to become citizens of the United States of America, while working full time.

I was about eight years old when my parents were sworn in as U.S. citizens, and I automatically became a citizen of this great country. I was taught in school about our great country and the importance of patriotism; every morning before class we would pledge allegiance to the flag and sing songs like “America the Beautiful.” These memories stayed with me all my life and I learned to love and respect this country.

Now, with this background story, here is why I voted for Donald Trump.

  1. I’m a patriot. Patriotism is in my blood. I was brought up believing in our country and the Constitution and Bill of Rights, although I have not always been a Republican. I am a constitutionalist and believe in what the founding fathers created for this great country.
  1. I am also a nationalist and believe in the sovereignty of the United States of America. I am not interested in losing our heritage and our culture by inviting in refugees and illegal aliens who in many cases have no means of supporting themselves, and creating a greater burden on our society. There are plenty of Americans who need help. It is not that I don’t have compassion for the refugees, but I believe there are other ways to help them besides creating a burden on our country. We must be strong if we are to help others, and being $20 trillion in debt is evidence of waste, corruption and mismanagement of our cash and assets. When you fly on the airlines and the oxygen mask drops, the flight crew says to put the mask on yourself first, then help your kids or others next to you. Why? It’s not because you’re selfish; rather, it’s because you can’t help them if you are incapacitated. It’s the same with our country: we need to take care of ourselves first, and then we will be strong enough to help others. So with that said, I believe in a closed border with legal access to citizenship.
  1. I believe in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and know in my heart that Donald Trump will secure the rights to the people.
  1. Donald Trump is a winner who will fight to the death for the citizens of the United States around the world. Who better than Trump to fight for my rights? To make good deals for the USA and take on our enemies? President Trump will body slam our enemies if he has to, then tweet out his victory to 20 million followers and the world. Because he is a workaholic, and has a super-savvy intellect with an incredible business background, he might be the most productive president in our history and entertain the hell out of us to boot. Because I am a supporter, I love to see his wins. It’s better than football to me. What a combo, and that’s who I want on my side fighting.
  1. I don’t care about transgender bathrooms, but I do care about our veterans and the hard-working people of our country who are working so hard and barely getting by. Donald Trump cares about all Americans.
  1. I believe in less government spending, a smaller government, and fewer government regulations. The US Tax Code is 76,000 pages; I want a tax code that I can file on a postcard.
  1. I believe in GOD and so does Trump.
  1. He wants to protect America from illegal drug trafficking, human trafficking, and terrorists. Trump is not afraid to take whatever steps are necessary to make that protection happen.
  1. I don’t believe a word the mainstream media says about Donald Trump or any reality they’re trying to push on us, and Trump is the first one to take them on with a vengeance. It’s about time.
  1. Politicians who made themselves exempt from Obamacare, insider trading, with their special interest payoffs are getting rich at our expense. Now, for the first time, somebody is taking on the corruption of Washington.
  1. The Democrats will sell our mineral rights, energy, state secrets, weapons, and technology to foreign adversaries. In contrast, Trump wants to make America strong, make good trade deals, and build energy independence while the focus is on our economic strength and a strong military.
  1. He’s the real deal. No fake here – Trump tells it like it is and says what is on his mind. Although the mainstream media wants us to believe a false narrative about Donald Trump, I believe he is an honest, compassionate, brilliant man with a family anyone would be proud of.

This is my short list of reasons why I voted for Donald Trump. I have more to say, but in closing, I find it ironic that the Democratic Party, who used to be the tolerant and compassionate party, has resorted to blocking free speech and has become the most violent and intolerant segment of our population while creating lies and deception about Donald Trump. I think it’s time to take the guns away from the left to protect the rest of us. They don’t want them, anyway.

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