Lacking The Vision And Hope America and the World Needs

SOMERSET, KY, March 03, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Today, Dr. Richard Van Dam, Republican Congressional candidate for Kentucky’s 5th Congressional District condemned Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address, saying it was devoid from reality. As usual, Dr. Van Dam said, Joe Biden has failed to take responsibility for the suffering his policies and have created to everyday Americans with increasing inflation, supply chain shortages, and crime, and the world with our enemies on the march. Rather than offer solutions that will ease the crippling inflation that is hurting Americans, Biden doubled down on his big government and big sending programs, Dr. Van Dam noted. The Biden agenda has created the highest inflation since 1982 and now seeks to double down on them to appease the far left of his party. And on foreign affairs, Biden’s weakness that was demonstrated with the disaster in Afghanistan has directly led to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Dr. Van Dam pointed out. Rather than unleash American oil on world markets, that would cripple Russia financially, grinding the Russian war machine to a halt, and bringing relief to American consumers, Biden refuses to do so in fear of alienating Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and others in the far left of his Party.

“In little over a year, Joe Biden has brought back the 1970s, inflation, empty shelves at the grocery store, crippling gas prices, and Russia invading other nations, and all Joe Biden offers is more of the same,” said Dr. Richard Van Dam. “Rather than cut back on government spending and encourage American entrepreneurism, Biden offers a continuation of the far left agenda that got us into this mess. His speech was tailored for the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s of the world, not the hardworking people of the 5th District who are bearing the cost of his failed policies.

“President Zelinsky asked for a useful State of the Union address, expecting the rhetoric and strength of a JFK or Ronald Reagan, and sadly he just got Joe Biden’s whisper,” continued Dr. Van Dam. “Joe Biden said we were prepared for the Russian invasion of Ukraine. If this was preparedness, he must think Pearl Harbor was an American victory. The truth is weak foreign policies that culminated with Afghanistan only encouraged Putin to invade Ukraine. Joe Biden took a backseat as Ukraine stood up to the Russian aggressor. It was our European allies who led the charge to punish Russia. The backseat is never the place for the American President in the face of evil as we are seeing play out in real time.

“And Joe Biden could shut down the Russian war machine by ending purchases of Russian oil and flooding the world markets with our oil, this would bankrupt Russia and also bring relief to the American consumer,” concluded Dr. Van Dam. “Yet Biden won’t because he is afraid of alienating Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her Green New Deal. America and the world needs a leader not Joe Biden.”

Background of Dr. Rich Van Dam

Dr. Richard Van Dam is a proud Kentuckian, Republican, Christian, Husband, Father, Physician, teacher, and leader in our community.

Following in the footsteps of both his parents, Rich became a teacher to educate the next generation. When his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, Rich left teaching to earn a medical degree. A few months before graduating from medical school, his mother passed away. Since that time, he has been dedicated to saving lives and advocating for breast cancer awareness.

Believing in the importance of continuing education, Rich also earned an MBA at Emory University.
Beyond his impressive resume, Rich has worked tirelessly to protect our community through public health initiatives, leadership on Kentucky State Advisory Boards, and leadership as Medical Director of Inpatient and Outpatient Medical Services to Southern and Eastern Kentucky’s Intellectual and Developmental Disability population- one of our most vulnerable populations. His initiatives and advocacy for individuals with Autism, Mental Health illness, and Disabilities has earned acclaim throughout Kentucky.

Rich has also served the community with projects such as Habitat for Humanity, COVID-19 food services for the elderly and disabled, Breast Cancer Awareness, Autism Awareness, and Mental Health Awareness.

As a conservative Congressman, we can count on Dr. Rich Van Dam to:
• Hold the line against taxes
• Support term limits to clean up Congress
• Protect our Constitutional Rights
• Stop the socialist agenda
• Protect life
• Secure our borders

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