Book Release The Tigrayan Electrician

WILMINGTON, DE, March 10, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Last week’s unprecedented visit of a sitting US president to wartime Ukraine seals in no uncertain terms the US’s determination to keep the war in Ukraine front and center of the world’s attention.

Biden’s trip followed Vice-President Kamala Harris’s poignant declaration at the Munich Security Conference, that Russia has committed war crimes in Ukraine. The Vice-President affirmed that “America will continue our leadership in defense of human dignity, and in defense of freedom and liberty.” Painfully hollow words when applied to Tigray, northern Ethiopia where a conflict that has preceded Ukraine by a full year and has claimed ten times more civilian lives has been swept under the rug. The speech delivered during Black History Month by the first ever female Vice-President of color of the United States was about the injustice exacted upon a European nation. However, it failed to utter a single word on the devastation of an African nation where the worst civilian victims have been women.

The Ethiopian government, led by a Nobel Peace Prize winning premier and his allies, have committed unspeakable atrocities in Tigray, including ethnic cleansing, mass killing and widespread sexual violence just months after the premier was given the Prize.

In the upcoming book The Tigrayan Electrician, author Issayas Yrgaw Bahta details the horrors of his father’s killing by the Ethiopian authorities in 1976. The authorities then, went on a rampage executing defenseless civilians under the cover of darkness. The same crime is being perpetrated by the Ethiopian government on a massive scale against his father’s birthplace, the Tigray region in northern Ethiopia. Sadly, the same world that leaped with great humanity to aid the people of Ukraine has been watching with little interest the slow systematic demise of the whole Tigrayan population.

The book is dedicated to the memory of the victims of the ongoing genocide in Tigray and all proceeds will be donated to support the survivors. The book is set to be released in March 2023.

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