Chicago, IL, July 27, 2017 –(– If a non-profit is looking for ways to enhance fundraising ideas and strategies then they will be glad to learn that it is now easier to connect with potential donors virtually in unlimited ways. It’s an advantage for those seeking to raise funds that these are times of great technological advancements. With the advancement of these technologies a nonprofit can take their fundraising efforts to a new level.

Here's a look at some trends of fundraising in 2017 which can help nonprofits with improved results.

1. Investing in the basics
Nonprofits usually invest in building blocks of expanded and diversified fundraising programs. They like to invest in training their staff members to learn to do things in the right manner, as these strategies offer great fundraising potentials.

Donors’ loyalty is a major criteria and hence maintaining donors’ communication programs becomes as important as establishing dynamic new donors’. Nonprofits are now focusing on engaging their supporters and existing donors in communicating with them and seeking to build a trustworthy relationship.

And if a non-profit is looking to prosper more, it’s time to put in the same strategy, time, energy and resources.

2. An overall increase in corporate giving
According to reports and statistics, GDP is going up, business savings and their investments are increasing due to which there is a trend of giving away a predicted of 4.7% by corporates.

Prediction of increase in corporate giving work for a non-profit
-Ask donors to check the organization’s policies first and then contribute.
-Invite high rank officers and leaders from organizations to a launch of a new strategy.
-A nonproft should explain their work, their impact, and their need for supporters and donors.
-A nonprofit should also explain the donors its goals and persuade them to donate.

3. Big data
Big data and predictive analytical reports are modernising major fundraising. Non-profits are seeing their donors data base as the source of all valuable information. They use this data to predict who’s going to be their next donor and join their non-profit family. It adds the likes, interests and potential of giving of their targeted donors, which in turn makes them thrilled.

4. Storytelling
Storytelling is an old concept. Non-profits are now focusing on the right mode of communicating in a good manner. They want to be sure about what they say and why. As storytelling has always been a favorite way of communicating, interacting and learning, so the best stories are those which attract people to give. Making you feel blissful, thrilled, and successful in your task.

5. From “fundraising” to “philanthropy”
Non-profits are replacing the use of the word philanthropy instead of fundraising, and it is a much welcomed change as it is an undemanding word for people who are not very familiar with the non-profit profession. The word philanthropy focuses more on the donor than on the funding.

6. Focuses on major gifts
Gifts are now getting preference over cash. Non-profits use them to train their staffs members who prefer to get gifts such as clothes, toys, and books, stationery and other stuff rather over cash.

7. Smartphones as souvenirs
Everybody uses android phones these days to get most of their work done anytime and anywhere.

Non-profits are launching mobile apps of their organizations for their donors to give via their smartphones. A recent study says that up to 50% of emails are opened on mobile devices, and videos, blogs, news reports are watched or read on smartphones. So it is high time to fix up your emails, websites, blogs, social media platforms in order to get in touch with donors and receive more funds.

8. Everything and everyone is social
People communicate with their friends and family who are living far away through social platforms. And hence your donors and supporters do the same, they communicate with each other through social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

They also use these sites to receive updates from non-profits and gather new ideas and goals, which means they are taking a keen interest in an organization & its various causes. Henceforth, social media is an essential tool for marketing & fundraising process. So it is time to seriously invest in your social media handles and its presence to make it better and advanced with all the information that might be available.

9. Disruptive donor platforms
With new fundraising platforms one can reinvent their fundraising process. Everything & everyone being social is a plus point for a non-profit fundraising, empowering their donors to become more active. It is thus a smart move to empower donors using this method and give them tools to be more active for a good cause.

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