With an increase in the number of a drug addict, the need for more rehab centers in Baltimore is on the rise.

Baltimore, Maryland, is one of the largest independent city in America, known for its rich culture. The social vices in this society are in the uproar, with surveys indicating it had the fifth highest murder case in the country.

It is estimated that nearly 25,000 people in Baltimore are opioid abusers. The rate of heroin, marijuana addiction among youth has called for concern. One out of every ten Baltimore youth is into drugs, this problem isn’t associated with Baltimore alone, and it is now a national issue. Young people within the age bracket of 15- 23 in America now take to drugs.

These figures have drawn the government attention that is why more rehab facilities are been established in Baltimore and other environs. Swift effort is made in curbing this menace.

Some of the Baltimore rehab facilities include

Their facilities provide treatment to those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction, the opioid disorder isn’t treated here. Their services include both inpatient and outpatient treatment plan. They are fully licensed with government agencies like state substance abuse agency, the state department of help and many more.

Their patients range from the age of 18-34 for youths. Other age brackets accepted are from 36- 64.they payment method ranges from cash to Medicare.

This is an outpatient recovery center with interest in areas like drug and alcohol abuse, as well as opioid disorder. Their main goal is to “help people in Baltimore, Maryland metro establish a satisfying life without addictive substance and behavior”.

They offer detox to a large percentage of their clients. The Kolmac clinic is one of the leading addiction centers in Baltimore, Maryland. Their treatment methods are advanced to create stabilities in the life of patients addicted to opioids.

This is a faith-based rehab center in Baltimore; help is rendered to those struggling with substance abuse and homelessness by providing spiritual Upliftment.

They provide counseling programs, as well as mentorship to clients, with the objective of the learning from people who have experienced similar troubles. They share their success stories and how they were able to overcome these problems.

Their area of specialization includes holistic therapy, a facility which offers wholesome changes in the individual’s life and not just the addiction.

Helping up mission is a nonprofit organization, with the wellbeing of their client their key concern, no fees are charged for initial entry.

Their facilities provide individual and their families’ faith-based solution to overcoming substance abuse and life-changing issues. Their aim is to make individuals more productive in the society by getting rid of negative energy bringing distractions into their life. They offer counseling services to the general public with the aim of spreading awareness about the dangers associated with substance abuse.

This is a residential treatment facility offering support services to men who seek to live a drug-free life. They provide intensive care treatment to men suffering from substance abuse and helps them maintain a motivated, productive and active lifestyle.

This facility offers outpatient treatment services to persons suffering from mild to chronic substance abuse problems. They implement a holistic approach to their treatment plan. They have qualified staffs at individual’s disposal.

Services in their Broadway centers include outpatient opioid detoxication, substance abuse education and a host of more. Counseling units are also organized for people living with HIV.

Jude house is an inpatient treatment center for alcohol addicts, its existence dates back to 1972.this facility is comprised of 45 beds, with 35 allotted to males and 10 to the females. It blends inpatient care and traditional sober living method. Needs of individuals like nutrition is properly attended to, They incorporate sport and recreational activities into their programs.

Jude house offers counseling services to individuals, groups and family .skills on life management, case management, and jobs are learned at this center.