Martino praises film director pal Manfredi Mancuso

Film executive Matthew C. Martino used his weekly interview to praise and acknowledge his film director pal Manfredi Mancuso as he managed to stay away from answering questions about MMBF Trust’s upcoming projects.

Martino praises film director pal Manfredi Mancuso

Speaking to NewsDay the 22year old UK based star said ‘Now that I think about it I’ve never actually given credit where its due, Manfredi has been a huge asset for both myself and MMBF – whether its providing coffee vouchers or introducing film festivals to the work we are doing at MMBF he has been very instrumental’

MMBF Trust an international charity funds filmmakers and actors around the world. They also form partnerships with film festivals in introducing awards and running competitions of which their MMBF Rising Star Award has been acclaimed as the most prominent. MMBF has also recently provided scholarships to drama students at London’s Mountview Academy.

Manfredi Mancuso is a writer, director and professional film critic – a member of the International Federation of Film Critics (FIPRESCI). From 2010 to 2014, he has been the film columnist of the Italian Daily Tabloid Giornale di Sicilia. Since 2012, he has collaborated with film festivals all over the world working as film selector, international coordinator or programmer.

Manfredi Mancuso, Manfredi Mancuso photo

(Film director: Mancuso pictured above)

Martino who collaborated with Mancuso on his hard hitting short film ‘Hard to Lose’ seemed confused when asked about how many times he has watched the film ‘Errrm well actually I couldn’t travel to Rome for a festival to watch it but I saw a screener on my laptop, its not quite the same as the big screen’. Martino also joked about offering Mancuso a job ‘Im still negotiating a contract with him – These big guns don’t come cheap haha’

Martino is expected to reveal details of MMBF Trust’s upcoming exciting projects in the next few weeks and also a new wave of grants which he has done well to avoid talking about so far