Leading outdoor building experts share their tips for creating the dream Australian backyard.

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA, February 25, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — While the weather is still warm and the sun is still out, Australian homeowners are looking for ways to improve their outdoor spaces for cooking, dining, entertaining and relaxing with their family at home. Softwoods, experts in pergolas, decking and more, reveal how to create the dream contemporary Australian garden.

Outdoor experts have summed up Australia’s prevailing garden trends with one word: bold. Whereas gardens of past years have typically seen minimalist features, pared back design styles and toned down colours, today’s gardens are vibrant and eye-catching. Homeowners are increasingly being drawn towards brightly coloured flowers and variegated plants that have incredible, colourful leaves. And, of course, no Australian garden is complete without a smattering of stunning native plants. The best part about these gardens, says Softwoods, is the face that no two are exactly the same. According to the outdoor building experts, this is a time for homeowners to experiment with their taste, try new things and implement what they really love.

Around the flora and the greenery, Softwoods reports that Australians are opting for practical, yet beautiful feature pieces. Expansive decking, sprawling pergolas, water features and outdoor dining and entertainment spaces are a must – after all, what good is a standout garden with no one to enjoy it? For smaller gardens, Softwoods recommends quaint features such as park benches or small pergolas that offer space to host and entertain without dominating the space. Larger outdoor areas, of course, have much more space to play with. Softwoods suggests homeowners think thoroughly about what is important to them – pets, children, friends – and how they want the space to be used, then design around those dreams.

Softwoods has been a leading South Australian outdoor builder for over 30 years – to find out more about their services or to get started building the dream Australian outdoor area, contact them today.

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