FDA’s warning of death, strokes, and serious reactions from the shot posted at https://www.fda.gov/media/143557/download pg 16 Oct 22, 2020 were never reported by media, says Richard Ruhling, MD. Wasn’t Biden’s Billion to promote the shot brilliant?

WASHINGTON, DC, January 15, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Ruhling, a retired MD, taught Health Science at Loma Linda Univ. after Internal Medicine certification and a Masters in Public Health.

As young athletes are dropping dead, we should wonder why this FDA warning wasn’t covered by the media, or if so, where? Asks Ruhling, who got nine death reports from friends.

Ruhling says his former wife had a bladder infection and took an antibiotic as prescribed for three days when she no longer needed it, but months later had a rash. Her doctor called after a blood test saying she had no platelets and he referred her to a hematologist who put her in the hospital, did a bone marrow test, then a splenectomy, and treated her with high steroids, and transfusions till she died of a stroke.

Ruhling checked the Physicians Desk Reference and discovered the antibiotic (Cipro) can cause the disorder that killed his wife. He went through US Senate offices with medical literature supporting adverse drug reactions as a leading cause of death until a senator said he was wasting his time because “they own us,” speaking of donations that drug companies make to their re-election. And this leading cause of death is never reported by the CDC in their top 10 causes, like when the Journal of American Medical Assoc. reported 106,000 deaths in hospitals by ADRs as the 4th to 6th leading cause (4-15-98).

Two years later, the Western Journal of Medicine reported 199,000 deaths in outpatients (June, 2000) Adding the deaths in and out of hospitals, 305,000 deaths made medical care the #3 cause of death, no mention by the CDC.

The Archives of Internal Medicine reported a 2.7-increase in Adverse Drug deaths from 1998 to 2005, Sept 10, 2007. 2.7 x 305,000 make medical care the leading cause of death with 824,000/year. Still no CDC or FDA warning as media get millions for drug ads for “healthcare,” falsely so called, because medical care has almost no focus on healthy habits of eating or other habits that make our bodies what they are.

The fox is guarding the hen house by CDC, FDA and NIH and drug companies can sell more drugs to victims of adverse reactions, but pharmakeia is the Greek word that deceives all nations in the 18th chapter of Revelation where we are called to come out of the false systems of Babylon. Every drug has a list of adverse effects that most people fail to consider.

Readers can get more information on Dr. Ruhling’s video, https://youtu.be/H632-QdS_7M and a recent book, Health, Happiness & Destiny Come from Wise Choices, at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07Z8B9NXP

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