Blackbird Sounds is launched as Ireland’s newest music collective

DUBLIN, IRELAND, September 23, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — There are many talented music artists across Ireland and a lot of them are looking for ways to perform together without having to commit to the schedule of a band. Paul Hourican has always been interested in music collectives. These collectives are when music artists get together to create music together.

However, the one thing that sets them apart from a band is that the artists aren’t tied down to them. A music collective can have many members. Some have well over 30 musicians connected to them. Yet, these artists don’t always perform as a whole. Every music artist has a different schedule with their career, so they perform with the collective when they have the time.

Paul Hourican has many decades of experience in the music industry. This singer and songwriter are well known for his ability to mix different genres together to prove that music doesn’t need to have a label attached to it. Many fans of Hourican enjoy his music because it’s a fun mix of upbeat melodies and grungey ballads.

As much as Hourican enjoys performing, he has always preferred writing songs. To him, it’s always unique to write a song with one melody in his heart but hear how another music artist put it together with a completely different sound. This is one of the main reasons why he was inspired to form a music collective.

Paul Hourican Ireland also decided on the name Blackbird Sounds for this collective right away. This is the name he has been using for all of his music business endeavors. He chose this name because one of his original songs, “Wishing Well,” had a lyric about blackbirds signing alone, and he always related to that line.

One of the things that Paul Hourican appreciates about working in the music industry is getting to network with all the talented music artists. There are so many talented young artists across Ireland. Many of these artists are new to the industry and could benefit from networking with experienced artists.

When Hourican first started exploring the music industry, he shadowed Pat Creed at Warner Music. This experience gave him the insight he needed to start his label in 2007, Hurricane Records. He is hoping this experience will open more doors for other young talents in Ireland.

He believes that a music collective will be an excellent experience for many music artists because it gives them a chance to connect, collaborate, and warm up their creative side. Many artists who were feeling a creativity stump with their music were able to overcome that block while performing with a music collective.

When they join Blackbird Sounds, they will still be free to participate in all of their other commitments. These music artists will be able to perform with many other talents in Ireland and explore their own talents for further success in the industry. Paul Hourican is hoping Blackbird Sounds will be a success for all who participate.

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