To the delight of slime fans worldwide, CornWithSlime has once more released “New Gooey, Slimey, and Stretchy Slime Batches.”

VENTURA, CA, March 28, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — New batches of slime have been introduced by CornWithSlime, a market leader in producing, advertising, and selling a wide variety of slime goods, and slime enthusiasts are grabbing as many as they can. With hundreds of slimes sold to thousands of clients, CornWithSlime has once again launched new slime batches.

Their latest launch gathered attention as the new slime batches are unique, different from what other slime shops offer, and more fun to play with. These new batches are Amethyst Crystal, Rainbow Ice Cream, Lucky Boba, Irish Float, and Fairy Garden.

The Amethyst Crystal DIY clay slime set comes with everything listed and shown for you to assemble and mix. Once you mix your DIY clay amethyst, you will get a sizzle snow fizz slime. The complete DIY Clay Slime Set comes with 8-ounce purple snow fizz slime with a lavender sugar candy scent.

The Rainbow Ice Cream slime set looks exactly as it sounds. It is perfect for beginners and has a doughy, stretchy, and non-sticky texture. It comes swirled with three colors: pink, yellow, and blue, and it is pleasing to the eye.

The Lucky Boba Slime is uniquely different as it has a clear base semi-foam texture that is thick, stretchy, and makes great bubble pops. You get to experience the popping sound of bubbles as you stretch and wrap the slime.

The Irish Float slime is another favorite suitable for advanced slime lovers. It is honeydew scented and comes layered – half clear slime and half ice slime – which mixes to form jelly slime.

Looking for a fairy-themed slime? The Fairy Garden slime is just perfect. It has a bingsu texture that is mega crunchy and stretchy and makes great bubble pops. The more you stretch and play, the bubbles you pop, and the more satisfying it gets.

Customers looking to buy these slimes from CornWithSlime slime shop can enjoy a special payment discount where they can pay for four interest-free installments for orders over $50 with ShopPay. Getting a CornWithSlime slime batch has never been easier!!!

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