Founded by Colorado native Dakarai Box, CityPrepRadio was launched in 2014 and has positioned its unique online sports broadcast and podcast to be a much-needed resource to high school and sports clubs across the country. CityPrepRadio’s mission is to deliver the best in sports coverage and game day news in cities nationwide.

CityPrepRadio announced the launch of their ‘Match the Preps’ [#MTP800] campaign to increase awareness in helping provide high schools with its online radio broadcasting platform. This will allow students to deliver live play-by-play accounts of their school’s sporting events, while creating a potential career path for young men and women interested in sports broadcasting.

For more information on the campaign and to view the ‘Match The Preps’ video visit:

With their live studio broadcast already proven to be a success within the Denver area, Dakarai Box’s vision to highlight the efforts of hardworking student athletes has gained the support of the local community, pro athletes and sports enthusiasts. Former NFL Top Tight End Daniel Graham is one of the latest professional athletes to endorse CityPrepRadio.

“We must put audio broadcasting capabilities into high school for sports. If we are training athletes as early as the age of 6, why are we not training our future sports broadcasters of the world?” says a very passionate Dakarai Box, “Our platform will provide early access and evolve sports radio broadcasting through high schools. I wish I could have learned more about sports media in high school!”

In the coming months, CityPrepRadio will be working to extend its broadcasting coverage area by forming partnerships with school districts and organizations across the country. The company is also offering sponsorship and advertising opportunities to business and brands interested in promoting their products and services to the sports fans.