POCKET BACKPACK is the all-in-one bag that transforms into what you want, when you need it.

NEW YORK, NY, February 25, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — The artisan bag manufacturer, BAGS IN BAG INC, is launching its eco-friendly Tyvek bags POCKET BACKPACK and MAT-PACK this February on Kickstarter.

Ever had an unexpected shopping spree, or suddenly found yourself carrying an unexpected item that was too big for your bag? BAGS IN BAG INC’s all-in-one bags have got you covered. These are eco-friendly bags that you can carry around as a pouch, then turn into a backpack, or turn into a mat.

POCKET BACKPACK unfolds into a backpack, and later, you can fold it up and pair it with your suitcase. With outstanding air-permeability and water resistance, you also don’t have to worry about POCKET BACKPACK getting damaged by rain or other contaminants.

MAT-PACK uses FDA approved materials, protecting it from COVID-19, as well as from contaminants and insects in the grass. You can even store your food in the bag safely and hygienically in this eco-friendly bag.

POCKET BACKPACK uses eco-friendly Tyvek material, keeping it sturdy without impacting the environment. In a landfill, POCKET BACKPACK won’t emit any contaminants into the earth, and if incinerated, the product will completely combust, leaving only harmless water and carbon dioxide. It’s also 100% recyclable as plastic.

To fold POCKET BACKPACK, open the pocket at the front. Then, turn the product over and fold both the left and right halves of the product inward, then fold the top and bottom halves of the product inward. Turn the product over, then turn the open pocket inside out, covering the corners. Close the zipper, and now you’ve got your pouch. POCKET BACKPACK transforms into the bag you want, when you need it.

To fold MAT-PACK, unfold the bag so that the outside is facing down. Fold the bag into a Z, being careful not to accidentally reverse the sides. Lastly, fold MAT-PACK in half, then zip-up both sides to finish the bag transformation.

You can find POCKET BACKPACK this February on Kickstarter at a discounted price with worldwide free shipping. BAGS IN BAG INC also plans to include its Amazon’s Choice mesh bag as a Kickstarter purchase reward.

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