J69’s vision to introduce NFTs with social responsibility is about to come true with the launch of its first project, Protected Paws.

BENGALURU, INDIA, June 10, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — “Not all homes should have a dog; but all dogs should have a home.” Dogs tend to live on the street as the majority of humans have started abandoning them. According to the reports, nearly 80 million cats and dogs are estimated to be homeless in India. How colossal is this figure? It is really hard to see these deprived pets facing homelessness, starvation, illness, violence from cruel people, and even ill-treatment. Stray dogs deserve to live and this is where Protected Paws comes into the picture.

Protected Paws, a project featuring the NFTs of rescued dogs, has gladly announced that their NFTs will be available for the public, particularly for dog lovers on 10 June 2022. The whole collection of the project is listed in OpenSea on the Polygon network, and they will be readily available to mint. The primary objective of the project is to bring awareness among people to adopt a dog instead of buying a new one.

J69, a reputed group of companies, is now focusing on the technology side by rolling out non-fungible tokens with an exquisite touch of social responsibility. Though the crew has planned for a series of NFT launches in the upcoming months, Protected Paws is a first-of-its-kind project which is the brainchild of a 13-year-old (7th grade) kid, Ujjwal, who has immense love for dogs. The project sees “Rescue” as a promise and not just simply a word.

Protected Paws is a set of 6999 NFTs created using the Peanut Butter Technique. A total of 75 paintings were originally created, and all those were algorithmically layered to form 6999 pieces. As a matter of portraying the masterpieces better, a virtual art gallery is created in the metaverse, which encompasses 11 individual rooms for 11 rescued pawcassos. A user would get a chance to know about the paw buddies and their story by simply visiting the virtual art gallery.

The team will produce web series (mostly will be released on YouTube) and will host online seminars, AMA sessions, and dog shows to educate the pet owners to understand their pets better. Also, the series will cover the basic behavioral training required for paw buddies. The exciting part is that a portion of the proceeds collected from the above sessions and series will be shared with the NFT holders. It is up to the holders to keep up the profits or to donate them. Also, randomly the holders will be rewarded with physical artworks as well.

Protected Paws will indulge in activism by associating with local NGOs, especially Samarpan Foundation, Bengaluru, which is the present residence for the paw buddies that painted the masterpieces. Also, the platform will conduct staff training, photoshoots, grooming, etc., to increase the chances of adoption. Additionally, the team will help individuals financially who strive to make the lives of stray dogs better and will provide neon collar belts for their paw friends to keep them safe from hectic Indian traffic. Furthermore, Protected Paws will build a cremation center to provide final right services to street dogs.

Let “Rescued” be everyone’s favorite breed. Therefore, any individual can contribute their part by directly minting the Protected Paws NFTs from OpenSea on 10/06/22. Exciting future perks such as access to upcoming projects and many other benefits will be revealed soon.

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