Powerful New Tools are Emerging to Tackle the Scourge of Climate Change, and Grow Your Portfolio While Doing So

CHICAGO, IL, May 03, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — Are there new tools on the horizon which can help us in our ongoing challenge with climate change? If so, what are they? How soon can they be put to use? And, how can you as an investor, benefit from their arrival? To find the answers, you should definitely read a posting called “Renewable Renaissance” (https://www.howtoinvestblog.net/2021/04/renewable-renaissance.html) by Anthony Rhodes, the owner of wealth management firm The Planning Perspective (www.theplanningperspective.com). The article is a recent addition to his popular How To Invest blog (www.howtoinvestblog.net).

“The clock is definitely ticking in our precarious war with a changing climate, but thankfully, some considerable help appears to be on the way,” he began. “Remarkable resources are coming online which will not only help move the odds in our favor, but can be incorporated in a much sooner fashion than one might normally expect,” he continued. “Some will help us to break old habits which have proved disastrous for the environment, while others will aid in saving our precious natural resources, but all will be instrumental in this ongoing battle which we absolutely must win,” he added.

From a capital appreciation perspective, these resources also provide opportunities for investors, and Mr. Rhodes speaks about them within the post.

“It is said that necessity makes for strange bedfellows, and in this instance, the statement has never been more true,” he stated. “The business community and environmentalists have rarely seen eye to eye, but the encroaching danger of climate change is forcing an unlikely alliance between the two,” he added. “If a product can help to save the planet and prove monetarily rewarding for investors, it’s a win-win for all parties, and these new tools definitely seem capable of providing both,” he closed.

(The Investor’s Advocate is located at www.theinvestorsadvocate.net.)

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