Increasingly, consumers are looking for ways to live their lives in more ethical ways – according to Islam finance providers Halal Financial Services, this includes how they invest their money.

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA, February 23, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Islamic Finance expert Hejaz Financial Services predicts that 2022 will be a turning point in the way Australians invest their money, with an increase in Aussies seeking out ethical and impact investment options.

The Australian financial sector has seen a recent uptick in prospective investors searching for impact investing opportunities. Impact investing is financial investing that has the intention to bring about positive social or environmental change – alongside, of course, a favourable financial return.

Hejaz Financial Services believe that the recent spike in interest in impact investing is helping to drive increased education and public awareness of Halal financial options. According to Hejaz Financial Services’ Chief Operating Officer Muzzammil Dhedhy, recent research from the Halal home loan professionals has revealed that over one third of all Australian Muslims don’t know that there are ethical investment options that will not contradict their beliefs. However, the same research points to a significant portion of respondents actively doing their own research into ethical alternatives for conventional banking services.

Halal investments are therefore a way for consumers to ethically invest their money and see their investments generate positive change and high returns. Just like Halal loans, Halal investing adheres to a strict set of principles to remain Sharia compliant. Dhedhy explains that with Halal investing, money will never be invested into industries such as alcohol, pork, gambling, tobacco, adult entertainment, conventional banking and insurance, or weapons. Instead, funds are invested into infrastructure, healthcare, property, utilities, technology and telecommunications.

As consumers across the country seek out ethical alternatives to traditional investing, Hejaz Financial Services is working to fill gaps in the Islamic financial sector, offering services such as Halal investing, superannuation, Sharia loans and more.

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