Down to earth with no false promises or gimmicks, Weems is a seasoned Real Estate investor

KANSAS CITY, MO, February 01, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Tim Weems, author of the new Amazon bestseller, The Real Deal in Real Estate – what you need to know to get started in real estate today, has managed to compile a true gem that delivers what it promises. It is a no-nonsense guide for the beginner real estate investor to pick up and get the real deal for what is needed to be a success.

Weems doesn’t make false promises or promote get-rich-quick gimmicks, he is writing for that person who wants to have a future in real estate with long-term investments. And he writes it with a straightforward style that is both easy to read and deeply informative at the same time.

Weems knows that being a successful real estate investor is not for everyone. One of his first chapters delves into the necessity of being able to network and create relationships. He has seen many new potential real estate investors hit a wall after they exhaust their network of friends and family. He says, “It’s the main reason most people tend to fail, as that’s their network boundary. None of them were taught the real importance of network expansion.”

Weems methodically lays out the various options available, for example, not all investors are cut out to be landlords, flippers or someone looking for a return with capital investments. And so, he also touches on the options of investing in REITs or REIGs for those that want to invest without the hassle of running things or getting their hands dirty.

Topics of the book include:

What is real estate investing
Things to consider before investing
Simple approaches to Invest in real estate
Basic techniques
Real estate investing and its risks
Obstacles for investors
Financing your investments
Developing real estate passive income
Pro tips

And more

Weems has been in the game for years, and his experience and know-how shines through in this delightful book. He’s writing for the love of his profession, and to share his knowledge with those coming up behind him. Weems talks about the fact that no-one can become a success with the help of many others who are there with them, or have come before. He is ready to give back now and pay forward and this book is full of gems and tips that will save the beginner investor years of pain.

That is not to say that he claims that it will be easy. Indeed, he says, “You can never be a successful investor unless you can understand the industry properly. You’ll have to conduct research as it can help you in every step.” He also stresses the need to “set yourself apart” from other investors in a competitive field. If you are serious about having real estate investing in your future, this is a can’t miss read for you.

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Tim Weems is a real estate coach who helps people understand the game. If you are interested in learning what it takes to create wealth and make an impact, then Tim is your guy. He is all about freedom, scalability, and giving back.

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