This Solution Oriented Educator Granma Uses 20th Century Technology for Her Ground-Breaking NFT Collection As A Fundraising Tool For “Toley Goes Library”, The Innovative Safe Space Program For Kids To Learn How To Stop Bullying And Live Fear-Free.

SEDONA, AZ, September 23, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Anke Otto-Wolf is the first 84-year-old grandma to launch an NFT collection with the objective of helping children strengthen their self-esteem and live a happier and fear-free life. Anke’s innovative 20th century idea for fundraising is this long-retired educator’s approach to stop bullying.

This Toley Ranz Has Something To Say collection of colorful NFTs is an effective fundraising tool for her charitable cause, taking the Toley Ranz Stops Bullying program to Libraries nation-wide. Each donation is awarded a unique collector’s item from the Toley Ranz Has Something To Say collection.

Anke, an award-winning life coach and author, is the Toley Ranz Foundation founder and Toley Ranz creator, based in Sedona, AZ.

The foundation has developed many anti-bullying programs that teaches young children lessons of inclusion, diversity, respect, and tolerance through different resources, including the friendly and caring plush toy Toley Ranz. Toley represents the inner voice of children and is a helping aid for parents.

What is the Toley Ranz Has Something To Say NFT Collection?

Toley Ranz Has Something To Say is a collection of 625 unique and randomly generated Toley Ranz NFTs. It is the first-ever NFT collection created by an 84-year-old woman using this platform for a powerful social impact project, Toley Ranz Stops Bullying.

“I believe that our NFTs go beyond digital collectibles; they have tolerance value and make a difference for future generations,” says Anke Otto-Wolf, the voice behind Toley Ranz.

Just like every child, each piece is different and has its own personality, preferences, and passions. Every piece sold will help Toley Ranz’ anti-bullying campaign that is looking to expand into libraries across the country. All funds will help to create safe library spaces for children to feel free to address, explore and learn about their inner strengths and how to protect themselves from bullies.

Join us and learn more about the acclaimed Toley Ranz Stops Bullying program.

Based in Sedona, AZ, the Toley Ranz Foundation expands its “stop bullying” outreach to local libraries and throughout the state. Thus, the safe space at a library provides opportunities for children to learn and embrace to stand-up to bullies, find self-belief and inner strength. Toley Ranz Stops Bullying is leaping into the 21st Century with an amazing NFT collection of 625 unique and randomly generated Toley Ranz NFTs.

Toley Ranz Has Something To Say” is the first-ever NFT collection specifically created as fundraising tool for the Toley Ranz Foundation 4 Tolerance.

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